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Santa Rally is Crushing it in 2014!!

Santa Rally is Crushing it in 2014!!

Whaoo the Santa Rally is officially here and it’s loading our accts with the best gift of all, cold hard cash!!  These next 2 weeks
are what I wait for every yea the Santa Rally!  Many consider the Santa Claus rally to be a result of investors loading up on stocks in anticipation of the rise in stock prices during the month of January, otherwise known as the January effect. I need a break from shopping and screaming kids, and this is the medicine for what ails you.  Both the Dow Jones and S&P 500 have averaged 1.7% gains in December since 1950, making December the best month of the year.   So get marry, find the best penny stocks to buy, and lets all head into 2015 with fat pockets!!

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