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MX Gold (MXLGF): Does Gold Bounce?

MXLGF now has a Buy rating at


We told you about MXLGF last week and it saw a ton of action.

Well, while precious metals may rise another fifteen percent over the nextMXLGF

year, remember a junior miner like MXLGF can rip triples of that… in the short term.

Some of this we have covered but its important to remind readers.
Nuggets themselves are in a major upward bull trend, with analysts and fund
managers in committed long positions, protecting price and placing near-term
targets in the $1500 range (representing a huge rally still to come).

Oil is important as well, because MXLGF has one problem: how to power its
mining equipment. An oil bear market is still in play with OPEC just announcing
that Saudi pumping in July reached a new all-time record.

That’s spectacular for junior miners like MXLGF: Cost of mining is down, sales
prices are up, and the market is favoring speculative stocks.

All of that is reflected in the recent news out of MXLGF that they had to actually
increase their Private Placement due to Significant Interest. In other words, there
was too much demand for private placement investment in shares of the company,
so they had to increase the deal.

That’s about the best news a stock can have. And it comes in a stream of
strong catalysts:
MXLGF – Development Work on 10,000 Tonne Bulk Sample Proceeding
as Scheduled and on Budget
MXLGF Announces Increase in Private Placement due to Significant
MXLGF Announces Private Placement

This is a pretty simple equation right now: Costs Down Prices Up Spec Market =
Monster Breakout for MXLGF.

About MX Gold

MX Gold Corp. is a junior mining company focused on the mining, exploration and development of advanced projects located in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. The Company’s primary focus is its high-grade Willa gold and copper project located 12 kilometers south of Silverton, B.C. In 2015, MX Gold Corp. completed the accretive acquisition of the Willa project and the Max Molybdenum Mine and Mill Complex. This acquisition removed major costs and shortened timelines typically associated with mine project development with planned ore shipment from Willa to the Max Mill. The Willa mine is located 135 kilometers south of the Max Mill. MX Gold Corp. can also elect to reopen the Max Molybdenum mining operation once world Moly process improve.

Check it out now.

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