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Top 10 Hot Tech Stocks You Need for 2016

Hot Tech Stocks

Here are 10 Hot Tech Stocks every investor needs in 2016.

Hot tech stocks can deliver huge returns for savvy traders, here are some of the best.

ATVI,  Activision Blizzard, Inc has been on fire in 2016, the stock has more than tripled in the past 5 years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Growth in mobile gaming has pushed sales to record highs.  $ATVI is a must own tech stock in 2016.

GOOG, Alphabet Inc. $GOOG has been a ATM for Tech trader the past 5 years.  Face it they dominate the space and Yahoo is a mess.    $GOOG tends to perform best in the 4th quarter, watch it close in 2016.

MSFT, Microsoft the Tech Giant based out of Redmond, WA is a must have in any tech portfolio.  Microsoft Stock $MSFT has doubled in the past 5 years while maintaining a steadily rising dividend of $.36/share.   A safe bet in any market.

AMZN, Inc. The end of Staples and Office Depot is just another boost for $AMZN.  It continues to grow at a torrid pace, opening new distribution centers around the world.   Investors are very Bullish when in comes to AMZN if you can handle $200 swings, this may be the best of the bunch in 2016.  Key Figure: P/E Ratio 293.1

INTC, Intel has long been a popular tech stock, but has fallen out of favor in resent years.  Look for a shift to the upside in the near future as $INTC shifts its focus away from mobile chip expansion to a more suitable market- data center chips, where it dominates the market and boasts 49% operating margins.

CSCO, Cisco Systems $CSCO is a favorite of Wall St. Brokerages, and is one of our favorite Tech Stocks again in 2016.   A low P/E Ratio and Strong Analysts sentiment make it a must have again in 2016.

PCLNThe Priceline Group Inc. (PCLN)  Has soared form $490 in 2012 to $1276+ currently.  What we like about PCLN is the volitiy, providing traders with multiple buying oportunits throughout the year.   Key Figure: BETA 1.48

FB, Facebook has been a superstar for traders from the get go and continues to produce despite some critics.. FB is tech giant who continues to make its way up the charts in 2016 and beyond.  Key Figure: 92.44 P/E ratio. 

HPQ, HP Inc.  Has been beaten down badly the past few years, but look for a turnaround in 2016.    At this price level  we should see a 10%+ move before the end of the year as $HPQ will be forced to focus on their strengths moving forward.   Key Figure: Div Yield 4.24%

EA  EA Sports, Same category as ATVI.  $EA Has shot from around $15 in 2012 to $80 in recent months.    Not to bad.. 2016 has been just as strong, with a very strong April/May 2016.   Interesting Figure: Rev. per employee $510,952


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