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Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC) 2 Prong Approach

A hot OTC penny stock is Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) , which is a cannabis-focused agriculture company. Shares of the company are currently trading in the $0.33-$0.34 range, and the current market capitalization of the company is just over $118 million. Over a 52-week period, shares of the company have traded in the $0.08 to $0.75 range. The company engages in two primary fields of business – hydroponic produce (including produce, herbs, cigarettes and floral products) and cannabis products (including the design, marketing and sale of equipment). TRTC is looking to make a major move within the expanding cannabis industry. In fact, a number of other cannabis and medical marijuana companies are also seeing heavy trading volume right now in the OTC markets. Investors refer to this as the “Green Rush” – the great race to become a market leader within the emerging cannabis industry. Obviously, there is a tremendous amount of regulatory risk surrounding California-based TRTC (and every other company in the industry), but the growing consensus appears to be that this is a fast-growth field with enormous market potential. There’s one upcoming stock catalyst for TRTC, and that’s new ballot initiatives currently under consideration within California and Nevada that would further legalize marijuana use within the country. The company has already launched plans to operate medical marijuana facilities in Nevada through a number of subsidiaries. Recent concerns about a reverse stock split at the company seem to be over, and that could free up the stock to make a move upward if the ballot initiatives pass. What makes TRTC stand out from other competitors in the industry is its... read more

Penny Stocks to Buy Now: (NYSE:XCO), (NYSEMKT:AUMN)..

Penny Stocks to Buy Now: EXCO (NYSE:XCO), Golden Minerals (NYSEMKT:AUMN) and Banro (NYSEMKT:BAA)   In both the energy and mining sectors, sharp swings in commodity prices could turn several speculative penny stocks into real winners. It’s important to keep an eye not only on spot market prices for commodities such as oil, gas and gold, but also on long-term secular changes that are changing the balance between supply and demand.   Within the oil & gas sector, one major change has been the embrace of shale gas & oil exploration, and one company that could be poised to profit from this trend is EXCO Resources (NYSE:XCO), a Texas-based oil and natural gas company with strong shale resource plays within the continental United States. The company’s three big shale oil deposits are located in Texas, Louisiana and Appalachia.   Right now, investors are down on the company, with a consensus “sell” rating on the company. Shares of the company currently trade at $1.10, and the price target for the company is only $0.50. That would seem to suggest that shares of the company are going to collapse to a 52-week low ($0.51), compared to a 52-week high of $1.94.   But it’s exactly this pessimistic market sentiment that might lead to a real bargain for the stock. This is not a tiny company – the total market capitalization of EXCO is $290 million, with 65% institutional investor ownership. Think of this as a chance to go contrarian.   As recently as July 2015, RBC Capital Markets had upgraded the company from “Sector Underperform” to “Sector Perform.” There’s also been a... read more

Penny Stocks to Watch (NASDAQ:CTIC & NASDAQ:PTX)

Penny Stocks to Watch (NASDAQ:CTIC and NASDAQ:PTX)   Penny stocks to watch in this volatile market can be hard to find.  The bio-tech sector has some of the fastest-growing companies with the greatest potential for upside gain. Often, these companies can skyrocket to massive highs if a new clinical trial goes well, or if the company undergoes a major reorganization that brings in fresh investor capital. There are two biotech penny stocks – CTI BioPharma Corp (NASDAQ:CTIC) and Pernix Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PTX) that appear to have exactly that kind of upside potential.   The first on our list of penny stocks to watch, CTI BioPharma Corp (CTIC), offers targeted therapies for a wide range of blood-related cancers and other serious blood conditions. The stock is currently trading at $0.403, and over a 52-week period, has traded in a relatively narrow range of $0.25 to $1.75. However, right now, Piper Jaffray currently has a $0.75 price target for the stock, which has a market capitalization of over $120 million. There appear to be at least three primary catalysts for the stock to move nearly 50 percent higher. One is the recent release of data about PERSIST-2, a Phase 3 clinical trial from the company to develop a treatment for patients suffering from myelofibrosis, a debilitating blood condition that leads to lower quality of life and shortened survival time.   Another primary catalyst is the improved earnings picture for the company. On August 4, the company reported earnings per share of $0.07, topping analysts’ consensus estimates of $0.10. Finally, the third primary catalyst is the changing ownership structure of the company, with... read more

MX Gold (MXLGF): Does Gold Bounce?

MXLGF now has a Buy rating at Why? We told you about MXLGF last week and it saw a ton of action. Well, while precious metals may rise another fifteen percent over the next year, remember a junior miner like MXLGF can rip triples of that… in the short term. Some of this we have covered but its important to remind readers. Nuggets themselves are in a major upward bull trend, with analysts and fund managers in committed long positions, protecting price and placing near-term targets in the $1500 range (representing a huge rally still to come). Oil is important as well, because MXLGF has one problem: how to power its mining equipment. An oil bear market is still in play with OPEC just announcing that Saudi pumping in July reached a new all-time record. That’s spectacular for junior miners like MXLGF: Cost of mining is down, sales prices are up, and the market is favoring speculative stocks. All of that is reflected in the recent news out of MXLGF that they had to actually increase their Private Placement due to Significant Interest. In other words, there was too much demand for private placement investment in shares of the company, so they had to increase the deal. That’s about the best news a stock can have. And it comes in a stream of strong catalysts: MXLGF – Development Work on 10,000 Tonne Bulk Sample Proceeding as Scheduled and on Budget MXLGF Announces Increase in Private Placement due to Significant Interest MXLGF Announces Private Placement This is a pretty simple equation right now: Costs Down Prices Up Spec... read more

Top 10 Hot Tech Stocks You Need for 2016

Here are 10 Hot Tech Stocks every investor needs in 2016. Hot tech stocks can deliver huge returns for savvy traders, here are some of the best. ATVI,  Activision Blizzard, Inc has been on fire in 2016, the stock has more than tripled in the past 5 years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Growth in mobile gaming has pushed sales to record highs.  $ATVI is a must own tech stock in 2016. GOOG, Alphabet Inc. $GOOG has been a ATM for Tech trader the past 5 years.  Face it they dominate the space and Yahoo is a mess.    $GOOG tends to perform best in the 4th quarter, watch it close in 2016. MSFT, Microsoft the Tech Giant based out of Redmond, WA is a must have in any tech portfolio.  Microsoft Stock $MSFT has doubled in the past 5 years while maintaining a steadily rising dividend of $.36/share.   A safe bet in any market. AMZN, Inc. The end of Staples and Office Depot is just another boost for $AMZN.  It continues to grow at a torrid pace, opening new distribution centers around the world.   Investors are very Bullish when in comes to AMZN if you can handle $200 swings, this may be the best of the bunch in 2016.  Key Figure: P/E Ratio 293.1 INTC, Intel has long been a popular tech stock, but has fallen out of favor in resent years.  Look for a shift to the upside in the near future as $INTC shifts its focus away from mobile chip expansion to a more suitable market- data center chips, where it dominates the market and boasts... read more

ABRW Stock: New Merger Igniting Stock Price

New Merger Igniting ABRW Stock Price ABRW stock is quickly becoming an exciting and profitable story for traders.  I haven’t sent a new alert for a few weeks because I was looking for something that can truly be a home run. American Brewing Company  (ABRW) is in an early break-out stage. TORRANCE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2016 /  American Brewing : Búcha, Inc. Signs Merger Agreement with $50 Million New Age Beverages/Xingtea Group to Create a Leading Healthy Functional Beverage Company This is big news for ABRW stock, and its just starting to get picked up by the news and traders.  The combination with New Age Beverages significantly augments the Company’s scale, strengthens the infrastructure and leadership team, and accelerates the sales and distribution capabilities of the firm, leading to cost and revenue synergies in excess of $7.5m. Naturally you should be aiming to make a move on ABRW before those eyeballs descend on the company. News of the merger still pretty fresh and based on my take of price movements since the news came out, valuation is yet to fully reflect the impact of the merger.   BUILDING A LEADING HEALTHY FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGE COMPANY: The new company will own outstanding growth brands in some of the fastest growing segments of the beverage industry. About Búcha, Inc. (OTC: ABRW): Based in Torrance, California, Búcha, Inc. was created in May 2016. It was originally founded as two separate companies in 2010, American Brewing and B&R Liquid Adventure. In 2014 American Brewing became a public company trading under the ABRW stock symbol, and in 2015, the Company acquired 100% of... read more

Day trading risks: What to know

Risks of Day Trading Day trading risks, what are they? The risks are plentiful for a novice trader.  A Day trader salary can be enticing , but you need to dig deeper.  It’s important to to your due diligence before jumping in head first. Day-trading also has major advantages and also major drawbacks just like many professions.  Needless to say it boils down to the inherent financial risks of trading for a living.  Day-trading for a living is something which should only be considered after proving that you know what your doing on a small scale and then building up. Only experienced traders and risk takers should take part, as the stakes are high in this game. Day Trading stocks can be very profitable.  As a day trader, you will decide your own fate, buy you should weigh your results on a cost target and a time scale.  Keep in mind, a great day for investors isn’t always an excellent day for day traders. Day traders can often earn more money the market is going down, once the economy is really in a recession, or when there’s a crisis by shorting the market. Retail Forex trading has become a popular method to day trading, high liquidity and also the 24-hour feature of the marketplace are major draws. By definition, day trading may be the regular practice of purchasing and selling one or more security positions and closing the position the same trading day.  Understanding your options as a traders is step one in helping you understand how a stock will perform in the short term. Stress is a major part of everyday trading.   Day trading can be... read more

5 Biggest Stock Market Criminals of 2016

Biggest Stock Market Criminals   Stock Market Criminals of 2016 Samuel DelPresto:  Sam is our 1st stock market criminal, he teamed up with others to secretly obtain control of substantially all available stock in four micro-cap companies and to facilitate coordinated trading that created the appearance of liquidity and market demand for the stocks.  After unwitting investors were enticed through promotional campaigns to buy the stock at inflated prices, DelPresto dumped his shares on the market. Like most penny stock crooks, he thought the SEC would somehow not know what he was up to. Game over Sammy!     Martin Shkreli: according to the SEC’s complaint filed in federal district court in Brooklyn: Shkreli was portfolio manager for the hedge fund MSMB Capital Management LP from October 2009 to March 2014, and also served as portfolio manager of another hedge fund he founded and controlled named MSMB Healthcare LP Shkreli is a notorious stock market criminal, he misappropriated about $120,000 from MSMB Capital Management from October 2009 to July 2011 to unlawfully pay for food, clothing, medical expenses, clothing, office rent, and cash withdrawals. Shkreli misled investors and prospective investors in MSMB Capital Management about the fund’s size and performance, claiming for example in July 2010 to have “returned +35.77% since inception on 11/1/2009.”  In fact, the fund generated losses of about 18 percent. In another example, Shkreli falsely stated in December 2010 that the fund had $35 million in assets under management.  In fact, the fund had less than $1,000 in assets in its bank and brokerage accounts. Shkreli lied to one of MSMB Capital Management’s executing brokers in... read more

Best Penny Stocks to Buy.

Best Penny Stocks to Buy. Best Penny Stocks.  Penny Stocks is a business, and you need to develop a clear plan of attack. A “business plan” if you will.  The most important factor to consider before speculating in the Penny Stock market is that you must establish a trading plan and not deviate from it. Greed is the cause of deviation. If you are able to stay focused and follow your trading plan, the you will become a successful trader. Follow these 2 simple rules that are easy for anyone to remember and will help you lock in a profit. RULE 1. Learn to accept many small losses.  Money cannot consistently be made trading every day-week-month of the year.  Whenever you trade into a losing position, take the loss and move on.  NEVER add to a loosing position.  Wishful thinking will get you in deep sh*t and must be taken out of your mind. RULE 2. Lock in your profits.  Once you relize a capital gain and see the stock starting to loose some of its steam, or reach the HOD, then it’s time to sell.    Simple rule to rember when locking in profits always take half.   So if I’m up $2,000 on the day. I lock in half my profits by selling half of my position, and keep the other half to ride the wave.  Remember to set a stop loss on the remaining position to protect your profit. Penny Stocks are very volatile and you can see your profits evaporate in a matter of minutes if you are not careful.  If you are up, sell and move... read more